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As a manufacturer of high-performance polyurethane foils and copolymer films, we guarantee a wide range of further processing and refinement of our foils with various technical textiles.

At our production site, we have the core technology of extruding single and multi-layer films from thermoplastic elastomers in the flat-film process. Subsequent coating or lamination of customer-specific carrier materials from textiles, papers, films and nonwovens is also possible. Our products and services meet the highest international quality standards.

The in-house research and development ensures that this remains consistent. New products are developed closely to the customer requirements and are developed more effectively and more purposefully. Quality assurance and production-accompanying tests can be implemented quickly, uncomplicatedly and extremely precisely thanks to very short running and communication paths.

Products and services

Seam sealing
Even the best material will leak when seams pierce the structure of the fabric and damage it. By applying a seam sealing tape from the inside to the seam, the textile is again reliably and permanently sealed. Above all, very sophisticated functional textiles or laminates need a seam sealing tape which is always at least as light and elastic as the textile itself. Our seam sealing tapes of our own development seal even difficult cross seams and remain reliable even after several washes at 60 ° C or chemical cleaning.

Seam sealing for Awnings
For reliable sealing of seams indoors and outdoors. Even under direct weather and UV exposure, the bands remain transparent and retain their strong adhesion to the seam. The bands can also be used as a stabilizing band. Available in different widths and thicknesses.

Seam Sealing for Awnings

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